By choosing Afghan REALSOFT as your solutions provider, our strengths give you the following advantages:

• Focus on user experience
• Any level customization, different ERPs
• Strong website development
• Strong relationships with Afghanistan GSM operators
• Applications are optimized for the different GSM handsets
• Expertise and experience in mobile application technology
• Integration with GSM network.
• Provision of a secure interface to view all entries online real time
• 24hrs/7 days/365 days technical support including weekends and public holidays
• Dedicated technical personnel

RSD Technical Capabilities/Infrastructures

• Servers securely hosted in Amazon EC2 cloud services.
• Locally backup server for applications and database
• Head office with 24/7 power supply and multiple power backups (2) parallel power backup System
• Industry-best developers and integrator on mobile content
• 24/7 IT staff support
• Analog and digital production/recording studio
• Multimedia graphics development equipment – software and hardware unit